There Are Positive Effects of Divorce In America

by hank on March 8, 2011

positive effects of divorceDespite the large number of people who file for divorce in America, a lot of people still think that ending a marriage is not healthy and good for the family. Many think that trying to stay together despite the lack of love in the marriage is better than living separately. And, other people still think that staying together for the kids is the best choice they have, regardless of how broken the marriage is and if there are too many irreconcilable differences.

This is not exactly true. There are many different reasons why marriages could end up in divorce, and one of them is actually giving the children a chance to live a normal life that is away from conflicts and unbearable fights between their parents. And, in spite of the various negative perceptions of people who file for a divorce, the state also has good reason to allow divorce in America. The positive effects of divorce in America are not always the ones highlighted in various analyses, journals, and commentaries. The positive effects of divorce are often ignored and disregarded. This may be because people focus and put a lot of attention on those who suffer from depression and violent reactions rather than weighing things objectively and seeing the positive effects of divorce, especially on children.

For both parents, the positive effects of divorce can be obvious. They are finally freed from a non-functional marriage and are permitted to live separately without having to get into each other’s lives. Many women who suffer from broken marriages find themselves relieved after getting a divorce. Men often require a longer span of time to be able to cope with the new set-up, but they also have the freedom to remarry or choose to be single. Another positive effect of divorce is the opportunity for the husband and wife to “save their relationship” by being friends. Without strings attached, they can be more objective in planning the future and discipline for their children. Children likewise experience several positive reactions to divorce in addition to the heartbreak that can accompany divorce. The sleepless nights of hearing their parents fight will finally come to an end. Most children who are witness conflicts between their parents are relieved after a separation. It results to a more lively and sociable personality.

There are several positive effects of divorce not only on the couple but also on the children and the people in their lives and immediate surroundings. They also have the benefits of managing their own incomes and financial matters, and with the help of a court jurisdiction, they can come up with financial agreements that will sustain their children’s financial needs.

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